Rosen-X Thebe

The Thebe cargo pants from Rosen-X hits that archetypal tapered silhouette. SlackJackFlack finds it an amazing made to order piece.

Rosen-X has three cuts of cargo pants: Callisto is skinny, Thebe is slim and Titan has a cropped straight, slightly wide cut. I own a pair of Thebes in ripstop nylon and Titans in two-layer nylon. As with all items from Rosen they can be made to order with custom measurements or customization, but besides measurements my Thebes are standard.

Thebe Pants with plentiful pocketing. (Photo: Rosen-X)

Features galore

The cargo system these pairs share has a layout of five pockets on each side. A front and back pocket meet at the seam on the side of the leg, and a cargo pocket is sewn over the seam. A drop pocket is created when this is done, allowing for a drop and flap pocket which is held down with a small magnet. On the outside of the cargo pocket a small pocket is sewn on, which provides just enough space for an airpod case or small tool.

Besides pockets, the Thebe offers features like articulated knees and a slight drop crotch for ease of movement, and adjustable cuffs to control the amount of taper in the pants.

SlackJackFlack wearing Rosen-X Thebe in ripstop nylon.


The ripstop nylon is fairly lightweight, meant to be a summer fabric, while the two-layer nylon is a bit warmer. But in Southern California the Thebe has done well for me into late fall. It is not wind resistant but can handle some light rain.

On colder days I wear tights underneath; this way the Thebes work as all season pants in locations with dry, mild winters. When worn during the warmer months they are breathable as well as quick-drying in the case of becoming sweaty. I have actually made them a staple in my work out gear as I can wear them during the day and not have to change pants when going to the gym.

Gracia Ventus is founder and designer at Rosen, here wearing the Thebe. (Photo: Rosen-X)

Move and carry

While the techwear community loves lists of technical properties, I have put all these features to the test by using the Thebes as workout pants and really beating on them. The drop pockets are perfectly sized for a large refillable Hydroflask, and the elastic waist and drawstrings prevent the pants from sagging when carrying a lot of weight in the pockets. For a standard gym session, I carry a water bottle, Iphone, airpod case and a towel, all without impact to my range of motion. Of course, for certain workouts I take out the bottle as needed based on the workout. The construction of these pants make them perfect for moving around.

The Thebes hit the mark as standard tapered cargos, an iconic silhouette for the techwear aesthetic. Due to the nature of made to order, each pair will have its differences but at its core the Rosen-X Thebe is an amazing pant, especially for the price point. While it comes at a small extra fee, in my opinion it is worth every penny to have perfect fitting pants in a material that you chose with customizations you may not be able to get anywhere else.

Rosen-X Thebe front and back.

Form: 10/10

Tapered techwear cargos with archetypal silhouette. As long as you are able to take proper measurements, these pants will fit perfectly. You can also have them altered to your exact specifications with design tweaks and custom fabrics from Rosen’s “Fabric Glossary”.

Function: 8.5/10

The fabric is lightweight, good for summer, less suitable for cold weather. The ripstop nylon fabric is okay for light showers, but not for extended periods of rain. You do, of course, have the option to change the fabric.

I have no affiliation with Rosen-X besides being a normal customer who enjoys their products. I paid full price for the items mentioned and my opinions are my own.